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The C&J Chemical Division
Get the greatest green without breaking the bank!
Let us renovate your yard with our proven fertilizer and herbicide applications.
Our Philosophy
Communication is the key to a comprehensive weed control program. Whether its our standard weed-and-feed program, or your lawn needs some special TLC, it's our job to keep you updated and informed about the condition of your lawn and ways that we can help maximize it's potential. We are always seeking superior methods to maintain the highest quality of service. Unlike other companies, we never apply without first consulting the customer. In
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this way, we avoid unwanted applications and save our patrons more money.
Our Method
Seek out the root of the problem! Most people haven't considered the importance of nitrogen in a weed-control program, and simply leave out the fertilizer applications in an attempt to save some cash. What they don't realize: the best weed-control only becomes possible with the development of a healthy, thick root system. Thus a timely fertilizer allows the lawn to fight the weeds for you by crowding out those unwanted plants while delivering that emerald, eye-catching green. Once the all-important fertilizer has been applied and nitrogen levels have been maintained, we can focus on eliminating what tenacious weeds are left through broadcast and spot sprays (depending on the season.)
Our Goal
Environmental responsibility: Our technicians know the hazards of applying in adverse weather conditions and avoid those practices which could be harmful to the environment, i.e., applying during rainfall or high winds.
Uncompromising quality: By using professional grade, complete fertilizers and herbicide products and employing state licensed applicators, we ensure quality lawn-care for each and every customer we serve.

Below is a snap-shot of the C & J Lawn Maintenance Program

Step #1 — Spring has Sprung

The goal of our very first app of the season is to boost your lawn with a dose of nitrogen while providing crabgrass prevention.

Step #2 — Weed Annihilation

Due to their rapid growth throughout May, broadleaf weeds are particularly susceptible to our timely herbicide application while an additional fertilizer encourages thick and healthy root development.

Step #3 — Summer Prep

A fertilizer and broadleaf spot spray are applied in June. Because both white and japanese beetle grubs are feeding near the lawns surface at this time, it is the optimal time for grub control. We highly suggest applying grub control if you have had issues with mole or raccoon damage in the past.

Step #4 — Late Summer Recovery

A heavy fertilizer application affords your lawn a rapid recovery from the arduous summer season while broadleaf weeds are subdued once again.

Step #5 — Winter Prep

As the end of another mowing season approaches, our final fertilizer helps safeguard your turf's root system for the harsh winter weather while enabling an early spring green up.
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Aeration Services
Aeration Information

Q: What is aeration?

A: Aeration (also called core aeration) is the perforation of the soil and removal of "cores" or "plugs" and depositing them on the surface of the lawn to break down.

Q: Why should I aerate my lawn?

A: There are four main reasons: (1) Aeration allows moisture, oxygen and fertilizer to permeate as low as the root zone, allowing the roots to more fully develop and penetrate deeper into the soil and facilitate a thicker, more healthy lawn. (2) It helps to remove thatch build-up that hinders additional grass growth. (3) It helps to minimize soil compaction. (4) If one desires to over-seed, aeration creates the perfect environment for quick seed germination and growth.

Q: Would my lawn benefit from an aeration?

A: At least one annual aeration is recommended for every yard. Some signs that your lawn could use an additional aeration would include: it has high traffic areas that look worn, yard has trouble greening up (even after fertilization) and brown out early on in the summer, yard has poor drainage, or your yard has been established upon a poor subsoil with clay.

Q: When should I aerate?

A: It is recommended that a home-owner aerate both spring and fall for most grass types. A lawn should be aerated at least once a year.

Q: What should be done after aeration?

A: Immediately following aeration is the best time to apply fertilizer, seed, and a good watering.

Q: Why water my lawn following aeration?

A: The water will help to begin breaking down the plugs on the surface of the lawn and also allows the water direct access to the newly exposed root-system.

Q: What is the benefit of applying fertilizer after aeration?

A: Immediately following an aeration is the optimum time to fertilize due to the root system being exposed to immediate contact with the fertilizer. However, it is important for one to use the correct fertilizer treatment for the appropriate season.

Q: Should I over-seed after aerating?

A: If one's lawn is looking particularly thin or patchy, then an over-seeding is certainly in order. Remember, if you plan on combining an over-seeding with a fertilization, DO NOT use a fertilizer with weed-control. If you do, your seed will not germinate properly. It is a good idea to fertilize and over-seed at the same time as long as you don't use a fertilizer with weed control.

Q: Is aeration the answer to my distressed lawn?

A: Though an aeration could certainly benefit any lawn, it is not the sole component of a proper lawn maintenance program which should always include proper fertilization, watering, and over-seeding. Other factors that may be contributing tot the lack-luster appearance of a lawn may include: lack of direct sunlight, poor soil drainage and/or erosion, bugs, insects, and even wild-life traffic.

Q: How long does it take for the cores to disappear?

A: It takes about two weeks for the cores to break down. Thought the cores do not appear very attractive at first glance, it would be unwise to rake or pick them up, because this would reduce the effectiveness of the aeration itself.

Q: Should I aerate my newly laid sod and/or seeded grass?

A: One should avoid aerating a newly sodded area until it has been firmly established (between 6 to 12 months after it has been laid). Avoid aerating seeded lawn until the seedlings have reached maturity.

Q: Should aeration be part of my lawn-care program?

A: One should certainly incorporate aeration into their maintenance program at least once a year. Just like fertilization over-seeding, weed control, watering, and mowing, it is a necessary part of a comprehensive lawn-care program. Without it, you may find your lawn beginning to regress and all of your invested time, energy, and money will have been wasted.
A: Aeration (also called core aeration) is the perforation of the soil and removal of "cores" or "plugs" and depositing them on the surface of the lawn to break down.
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