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Office Manager:

Tim Carr

Phone: 309.781.8986


Operations Manager:

Rodney Moyer

Phone: 309.798.1628


Chemical Division:

Applicator: Shane Loranca

Phone: 309.230.7753


Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

Our Services Include:

  • Chemical Treatments
  • Computer Generated Landscape Design
  • Decorative Rock
  • Hauling
  • Ice Control
  • Lawn Care
  • Mulch Installation
  • Patio Construction
  • Pond Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Seasonal Cleanup
  • Seeding
  • Sodding
  • Waterfall Installation
  • Winter Snow Removal

Patio Installation:

  • Excavate to a depth of 10 inches
  • Install 6 inches of C-A6
  • Install 2 inches of F-A6
  • Install the pavers and tamp
  • Apply polymer sand

Did You Know?

Landscapes Increase Property Appeal

Enjoy many landscaping benefits when you employ the landscaping services of C & J Landscaping in the Quad Cities. A professionally landscaped property improves the curb appeal and value of your home. It can add 20% to your home’s value, a figure that rivals the return on a new kitchen or bath.

The Coiner of “Landscape Architecture”

Many people credit the likes of Capability Brown (1716-1783) and Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) as being the “godfathers” of landscape architecture. But it is in fact a little-known Scotsman by the name of Gilbert Laing Meason who first coined the term “landscape architecture” in his little-known 1828 book “Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy”.

The Most Viewed Landscape

The Great Pyramids in Egypt? The Grand Canyon, perhaps? No. The title of the world’s most “viewed” landscape goes to a small field in northern California, photographed by Charles O’Rear in 1996. The image is called Bliss — but you might know it better as the desktop background for Windows. Some estimates place the number of people worldwide who have seen this landscape photograph as more than 1 billion!

Terraces Help Control Erosion

Planter Bed — landscaping projects quad cities in Orion IL
One of the simplest actions you can take to mitigate the problem of an eroding slope is to break up the rate of water descent by constructing terraces or retaining walls. Terraces also give you the opportunity to create a series of mini-gardens. Erosion is prevented by shortening a potentially long slope into a series of more level steps. This allows heavy rains to soak in rather than run off, taking soil with it

Pipes Aid in Water Management

For extra water management, you can capture and redirect excessive runoff by installing perforated drainage pipe just below the surface. Run the pipe across the direction of the slope. Position the drainage pipe in a gravel bed, with the perforated side down. Again, position the drain pipe at a 2% slope in the gravel bed.

Landscaping Raises Home Value

Good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a house, says landscape economist John Harris, and cut its time on the market 10-15%. Even taking your landscaping to the next level, upgrading from “good” to “excellent,” in terms of design, condition, and placement, can add 6-7% to a home’s value, according to a Clemson University study.

Invest in Landscapes for Your Enjoyment

Don’t landscape merely to flip a house. You won’t get your money back, Sandy MacCuish, a California appraiser, tells us. Instead, landscape for your enjoyment, knowing that you’re making a good investment. Did you know trees reduce stress in just 5 minutes? For more landscape-related trivia and fun facts, call us at (309) 781-8986 to speak with our knowledgeable landscape contractors.