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Office Manager:

Tim Carr

Phone: 309.781.8986


Operations Manager:

Rodney Moyer

Phone: 309.798.1628


Chemical Division:

Applicator: Shane Loranca

Phone: 309.230.7753


Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

Lawn Care and Hardscape Services

C & J Landscaping in the Quad Cities provides a wide range of reliable landscaping solutions, from lawn care to hardscape services, at competitive rates. We are fully trained and equipped to handle all your landscaping concerns. You can count on our expert landscapers to make your outdoor area look exactly the way you want it.

Our Services Include:

  • Chemical Treatments
  • Computer Generated Landscape Design
  • Decorative Rock
  • Hauling
  • Ice Control
  • Lawn Care
  • Mulch Installation
  • Patio Construction
  • Pond Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Seasonal Cleanup
  • Seeding
  • Sodding
  • Waterfall Installation
  • Winter Snow Removal


Dependable Landscape Contractors

Professional and Cost-Effective Services

C & J Landscaping in the Quad Cities has dependable landscape contractors you can count on to work on your landscaping project. We provide a wide range of professional and cost-effective landscape services, from lawn care to seasonal cleanups. You can count on us to have your best interests in mind when working in your property.

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What Our Previous Clients Say About Us

Don Pearson

"I write to thank you and compliment you, your company and your staff of workers for the excellent and comprehensive job of the demolition of old material, and the building of the substantial new retaining wall on our property.

The above statement is a concise summary of the project, but there is so much planning, and there are so many steps and procedures, so much coordination of materials and equipment with weather and subsequent ground conditions, the logistics of terrain, and then the actual engineering and construction, each with its own details, that to simply identify the project as a "a retaining wall" is as referring to a Cathedral as "a building." The appreciation comes, not only in the complete beauty and functionality, but in the integral steps of creation and construction that give it substantiation.

There also must be a commitment by the planners, and, a diligence by the builders who are dedicated to the craft of the project, intending that it presents value and longevity to the client's needs, and represents the determination of quality and excellence of each of those whose labor to build an object is also a signature of their integrity.

The above is not written in the usual sense of manner of a review, endorsement, testimonial, or commendation/recommendation, but the manner of the C & J Landscaping, Inc staff is not usual. In fact, in every facet of our project from the choice of materials to the thoroughness of every detail of the construction progress, the manner of all people was both within the contract. And, speaking of contracts, although, for my forgetful mind, terms were gracefully accepted from me in writing, the specific areas of attention and remedy were met fully by C & J Landscaping, Inc. from the beginning through the every day, to the celebration of completion. The restoration of the land areas surrounding the wall construction and the total cleanup of our property left us with an immediate showcase of our new retaining wall, which, by the way, I believe will add significantly to the value of our property, as it does already to the appearance.

We are both pleased and satisfied in every expectation with the results of the retaining wall replacement done for us by C & J Landscaping, Inc. From the very beginning conversation about the project, to the agreement in terms, the long delays due to season and weather conditions, through the actual demolition and removal of the old materials to the preparation of the site and the building of the new retaining wall over challenging terrain, the project was crafted with every consideration for the appearance, functionality, value and longevity being for the benefit of the clients and their property. In a world of accepted distrust, dealing with C & J Landscaping, Inc. was a contrasting pleasure and assurance of trust that at the end of every day construction, I received full measure of achievement. We will trust them with any future landscaping projects we may have."

Brian S.


"C and J Landscaping did an excellent job replacing my old (and leaning) stone retaining wall this summer. The new block wall is very sturdy and looks great. All members of the C and J Landscaping organization were very courteous throughout the whole process, and completed the job in a timely manner. I am very happy with the results overall, and I would certainly recommend them for any retaining wall jobs in the future."

L. Morris


"I was quite impressed with the young man who did most of the work and I'm sure you know his value to you. Great job and super workers. You have my permission to use me as a reference for future work."

Judie & Ross Lance


"We are very pleased with your work in our yard. We appreciated very much the two young men who did it. They were just excellent workers, plus being polite, friendly and very skilled at what they were doing. "

Jim S.


"We are extremely happy with the way our project turned out. C&J Landscaping is very good at what they do. Great work!"

Denise K.


"C & J Landscaping did an amazing job with our patio. They were professional, considerate, hard working, and prompt. They also created a fabulous patio for us. Our space was a
Patio with Planter Box — landscaping projects quad cities in Orion IL
challenging space (we had a very narrow space for them to work, we had a slope they were trying to build on, etc.), but they managed to finish it without any trouble. They took their time and did it right. I am a perfectionist and I was impressed at how thorough and detailed they were. Even two months later, it looks brand new. They did such a good job that all of our neighbors kept talking about how nice and hardworking they were and what a great job they did. Everyone who comes to our house comments on how much they love our patio. I highly recommend C & J Landscaping!"

Tom M.


"We were very pleased with the completed job. The work was done in a timely manner despite the extreme heat. Thank you Tim for a great design!"

Gary and Sandi N.


"We were very happy with the results of our landscaping. We wish we would have done a couple of things different but it is done now. Miguel and Joel are very good, courteous workers. Thank you, Tim, for your help."

David and Gretchen H. (Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors)


“We have been very pleased with the work C & J has done for us and our clients. We highly recommend them. They are honest and hard working and do a fabulous job in all areas of lawn and garden service.”

Marika (Grampp Realty GMAC)


“Tim, I appreciate your being so dependable at taking care of my out of town sellers property. Thank you.”

Bob and Barb


“C & J Landscaping just finished a very extensive landscaping project in our back yard. It involved several retaining walls, some plantings, and a large amount of river rock. We are very happy with the way our project turned out, and would highly recommend C & J Landscaping to anyone."

Jim and Kathy McCoy


"We are very pleased with the retaining walls that C&J Landscaping did for us. The landscapers were knowledgeable, hard working and very eager for us to be satisfied with their work. That were dependable with deadlines and very pleasant to deal with. We recommend them highly. Two of our neighbors decided to have them do work in their yards after watching them work in ours."

Pete W.


Very professional crew that does quality work at a competitive price. Tim was very timely with getting us a competitive bid and a beautiful design. Brook and Caleb did a fantastic job of bringing the concept on paper to life. Tim and crew were also very flexible and accommodating with our change order as well. Our paver patio turned out beautiful. We were very satisfied with the completed work!

Receive Quality Landscape Services

Entrust your landscaping project to our professional staff. Whether you are requesting a large or small job, you can rest assured knowing that our landscaping experts will extend the same quality of service that our previous customers have received. Call us at (309) 781-8986 to schedule an appointment.