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C & J Landscaping
PO Box 493
Orion, IL 61273

Office Manager:

Tim Carr

Phone: 309.781.8986


Operations Manager:

Rodney Moyer

Phone: 309.798.1628


Chemical Division:

Applicator: Shane Loranca

Phone: 309.230.7753


Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

Why Clients Choose Us:

  • Bonded
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Licensed
  • No-Cost, No-Obligation Consultation
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • References Available

Our Services Include:

  • Chemical Treatments
  • Computer Generated Landscape Design
  • Decorative Rock
  • Hauling
  • Ice Control
  • Lawn Care
  • Mulch Installation
  • Patio Construction
  • Pond Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Seasonal Cleanup
  • Seeding
  • Sodding
  • Waterfall Installation
  • Winter Snow Removal

Warranties and Disclaimers

For Homeowners and Business Owners

C & J Landscaping in the Quad Cities provides honest and reliable landscape services to homeowners and business owners. Please take the time to carefully review our landscape warranties and disclaimers. If you have any questions regarding our statements, call us at (309) 781-8986 to speak with one of our courteous staff.

Winter Snow Removal

While we strive to maintain good conditions on all of the hard surfaces, C & J Landscaping is not responsible for any personal injuries, due to wintry conditions, on any of the above mentioned surfaces. No plowing will be done on Sunday.

We Call Before We Dig

In the event that we need to dig deeper than 6 inches or with heavy equipment, C & J Landscaping will call in to ask for the location of all utilities. C & J Landscaping will be responsible if one of those marked utilities is hit. If a utility is not marked and is hit, this will be the responsibility of the owner. This does not cover invisible fence products.

Hardscape Warranty

Planter Bed — landscaping projects quad cities in Orion IL
C & J Landscaping guarantees its hardscapes to be structurally sound for 5 years from date of installation. We will repair, free of charge, any part of the hardscape that fails within this period. This warranty does not cover acts of God or acts of nature; i.e., tree roots, subsoil instability, hillside shift, nor does it cover any human induced instability; i.e., car accidents, vandalism, etc. It also does not cover any stone products attached together with landscape adhesive or mortar, whether capstones, stair treads, or any other application. We will not be liable for any injury incurred on a hardscape structure we install. This warranty is fully transferable. All timber walls have a 2 year warranty.
This warranty also states that we are not engineers, and that we have not run any tests, and as such, we are to be held totally blameless if the hardscape structure fails because of lack of any of these tests being performed; i.e., proctor density test, subsoil stability test, etc. The homeowner is entirely responsible for having any engineering tests performed on the site for the hardscape structure. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover subsoil shifting for any reason. C&J is not responsible for erosion that occurs around the hardscape structure. All hardscapes will be built to facilitate for water drainage. This warranty is fully transferable.

In any application where the existing material is used, there is no warranty on the hardscape structure.

Suncast Homeplace Structure Warranty

All structures come with a basic 10-year warranty. Shingles come with a 30-year warranty. Vinyl comes with a 20-year warranty. Wood comes with a 10-year warranty, but does not cover fading. This warranty does not cover acts of God or acts of nature; i.e., tree roots, nor does it cover any human induced instability; i.e., car accidents, vandalism, etc. This warranty is fully transferable.

Sod Care

Watering of new sod will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Plant Warranty

C & J Landscaping guarantees its plant material for one year from date of installation.

Pond Warranty

C & J Landscaping warranties its workmanship for 10 years. The mechanical components of the water feature have a one-year warranty.

Lighting Warranty

C & J Landscaping guarantees its lighting fixtures for five years from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by people or animals.